Everything You Need To Know About Car Cleaning At Home

Car Washing

Car Washing

Having a clean car makes us feel and look good. But having your car professionally detailed can be expensive and is not always an option. However, that does not mean that you cannot have a clean and good-looking car. TurtleWax gives you tips on how to detail your car at home.

What You Will Need

For detailing your interior you will need latex gloves, a trash bag, a stiff brush, carwash soap, upholstery cleaner, microfiber duster, air compressor, citrus cleanser, a wet-dry vacuum and attachments, and leather conditioner if you have leather seats and upholstery.

For the exterior, gather a garden house, snow foam pre-wash, a tire and wheel foam cleaner, an organic degreaser, two buckets, a microfiber wash mitt, a long-handled soft brush, car wash, water, trim restorer, wax, detailing clay, clay lubricant, a foam pad, polishing compound, paint smoother, a hydroponic finish, and tire shine.

Both will require a microfiber cloth and a non-ammonia glass cleaner.

How to Detail My Interior

Start by removing any trash from your car. Use a stiff brush and car wash soap to clean rubber floormats and a stiff brush with upholstery cleaner for cloth floormats. Use a microfiber duster and air compressor for dust, if you have unpleasant smells use an odor cleaner by spraying in your AC that is off. Tackle stains with the citrus cleanser. Use a stiff brush to loosen dirt and grime to seats with a lot of damage and use upholstery cleaner, knowing that you might have to let it sit. Leather seats and upholstery can be revitalized with a citrus cleanser. Use a wet-dry vacuum to get messes off of the floor. Finish with the non-ammonia cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

How to Detail My Exterior

Begin by rinsing your car down and applying a pre-wash foam. Then clean your tires with the tire and wheel foam cleaner. Use an organic degreaser on your engine and fuel door. Take the buckets, water, wash mitt, long-handled soft brush, and car wash and wash your car from your trunk forward. Rinse your car and add trim restoration to your weather seals. Take the detailing clay and lubricant and buff out areas of rough paint. Use the polishing compound on the foam pad, followed by the paint smoother, and then wax. Use a hydroponic finish on the car and use tire shine on the tires. End with the non-ammonia glass cleaner on your windows.

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Why Should I Detail My Car at Home?

First, you save money by not paying for labor and you buy the tools once and replenish supplies again when you run out of something. You gain a new appreciation for your car and having a clean car. Detailing also helps you maintain a cleaner car and clean up messes easier. Finally, your car will last longer.

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