Try Yoga In The Park!

Yoga in nature

Yoga in nature

You can start your weekend off on the right foot with the Yoga In The Park class at Buffalo Creek Nature Park. You will calm your mind with Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, and if you’re unsure what that is, then come try it and find out. We will help you release all the tension and stress from your week and get you prepared to take on the next.

Yoga In The Park

This yoga class will have you moving your body in sync or “flowing” with your breath, which is the Vinyasa (flow) part of yoga. Sol Power Yoga offers the program and it is preformed in a beautiful classroom that is surrounded by nature and overlooks Little Buffalo. The power portion of this yoga class is bit more athletic and physical.

By immersing yourself in nature it will help increase the benefits of mediation, and if you spend more time in nature you can help lower your stress levels. You can connect with nature and clear your mind.

There is no need to stress if you don’t have a mat we will provide you with one. If you enjoy yoga take it the next level with yoga outside and let your body benefit from the fresh air. You can enjoy the beautiful outdoors in this stunning scenic park.

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Breath Of Fresh Air

This class is held on Sundays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., and is $5 per Audubon Society of Western PA member and $10 per nonmember per session. You should do yoga outdoors because breathing is an important part of the yoga process and fresh air helps with meditation. After the class ends don’t miss out on the opportunity to check out the Buffalo Creek Nature Parks Sunday in the Park with games, live music, and food trucks. Get ready to take your yoga experience to a whole new level with this yoga in nature class.

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