3 Weather Mats That Will Last

Car Floor Mats Selection on the Store Rack.Keeping your car clean is difficult. Every season offers a new challenge. Whether you’re battling snow, mud, dirt, or spills, something is always looking to wreak havoc on the floor of your vehicle. Over time your floor mats start to wear, and the accrued damage can even depreciate your car’s value. This makes maintenance and protection important. All-weather floor mats provide an outstanding way to protect your vehicle and make cleanup substantially easier. Here are three long-lasting weather mats that will change your life.

OxGord Rubber Floor Mats

This is a great all-weather floor mat that fits in almost every car, truck, and SUV. The mats are also customizable. In the rare case it doesn’t fit inside your vehicle, OxGord designed the floor mats with prominent edges that serve as a guide for down-sizing and reshaping. Once in place, OxGord Rubber Floor Mats will stay put, so you don’t have to deal with a moving floor. Best of all these lightweight mats are made out of heavy-duty rubber that is durable, easy to clean, and repels stains.

MotorTrend Rubber Floor Mats

One of the top features about this floor mat is that it comes odorless. Many of MotorTrend’s competitors come with a distinguished rubber smell that lingers for months. That smell also makes guest appearances on hot summer days. Thankfully, you don’t get that here. These MotorTrend mats are perfect for just about every vehicle too and for the times it doesn’t fit like a glove, just give it a trim. Its design traps dirt and makes cleaning up a breeze. It’s truly hard to find an all-weather floor mat that can give you more than the MotorTrend.

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BDK Metallic Rubber Floor Mats

This entry on our list is for drivers who are looking to make more of a statement. The BDK Metallic Rubber Floor Mats comes with a black and red, dual-colored design. It’s a quality floor mat that spices up any car’s appearance. Not to mention, it’s tremendously durable and is also customizable.

Each of these floor mats will help protect your car from whatever life throws at it. They will also save you time and money trying to clean.

Our team at Honda North can also save you time and money with auto repair and maintenance should you need it!

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