Stop The Distractions With These 7 Magnetic Phone Mounts!

Phone mounted in a car, displaying a navigation map.Most people today cannot leave home without their smartphones. These devices are used for everything: for banking, shopping, navigation, and more. Because these things can become potential distractions, having a reliable phone mount that allows a driver to focus on the road ahead is crucial. Let’s take a look at our top picks for magnetic phone mounts to help keep you and your smartphone safe! 

Windshield Mounts

There are two amazing options when it comes to windshield mounts. The IPOW Long Arm Universal Phone Mount and the TechMatte Car Phone Mount are two powerhouse options to keep your phone safe. The IPOW Long Arm Universal Phone Mount comes with strong magnets to ensure your device is safe during your commute. Its rotating head is capable of 360-degree rotation, offering you a view from any angle. Its suction cup allows for easy cleaning and its arm is capable of bending and stretching up to 7 inches. The TechMatte Car Phone Mount is made of durable plastic to withhold any wear and tear. It is incredibly easy to install and is compatible with almost any phone on the market. 

Air Vent Mounts

The upside to an air vent mount is that it is easy to install and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up behind a sticky suction cup. The Logitech Magnetic Car Mount is one the best on the market at the moment. This mount is compact in size and clips right into any air vent. It adapts to almost any phone or case on the market and provides you with easy access to your phone when you need it. 

Universal Mounts

The beauty of a universal mount is that you can place it wherever it is most convenient for you! The CAW.CAR Accessories Mount, WizGear Phone Mount, FITFORT Magnetic Mount, and APPS2Car Magnetic Mount are our favorites in this category. The main thing these four have in common is how compact they are. This provides you with the ability to place it anywhere in your vehicle. The CAW.CAR Accessories mount is an all-metal, compact mount and rotates 360-degrees. The WizGear Phone Mount is slim but packs a big punch with its powerful magnet. The FITFORT Magnetic Mount has a power adhesive so that you do not need to worry about your mount falling off, and it’s easy to install. Lastly, the APPS2Car Magnetic Mount comes with two mounts and supports most smartphones.

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