Warm Up With A Cup Of Joe From Atelier De Fer Coffee And Tea

Male barista making cappuccino

Pittsburgh is as much of a coffee town as Seattle, with numerous local roasters competing for your business. Yet, even with all that competition, local roaster Atelier de Fer Coffee and Tea manages to stand out. In fact, its coffee is so delicious that Pittsburgh residents couldn’t help but cheer when it announced it was opening its first coffee shop in the city. That was back in 2017, and now, an additional three shops have joined the flagship establishment. You can find the retail locations for Atelier de Fer Coffee and Tea in the Strip District, Market Square, the Highline, and the Riviera. Regardless of the location you choose, you’ll enjoy some of the best coffee and tea around. Learn more about the coffee house, including an upcoming event.

A True Coffeehouse Experience

With so many coffeehouses in Pittsburgh, you have a range of options. Some provide little more than counter service, but Atelier de Fer Coffee and Tea is a true coffee house. It’s a family-friendly space with coffee, tea, and some treats, and the atmosphere is perfect for hanging out for a bit.

If you decide to stay a while, be sure to try some of the different coffees on the menu. This coffee house does an excellent job of bringing out the flavors in different roasts. You can find hints of vanilla, sweet florals, and more in the coffee. And if you want to take those flavors home with you, you can get a sample box on your way out. Then you can enjoy the best flavors from the comfort of home as well.

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Learn About the Hot Stuff by Attending the Coffee Experience on Feb. 19

Everyone who works here knows their coffee, and they are always ready to share that knowledge. You can discuss coffee when you go up to the counter and order, and even attend a special event to learn more about the hot stuff.

Atelier de Fer Coffee and Tea is hosting the Coffee Experience on Feb. 19. The cost of admission is $50, and you’ll get to try eight different coffees and take a bag home with you. Along with the tasting, you’ll learn quite a bit about that cup of joe you love so much. But while learning is on the menu, the event will be far from a lecture. Instead, it’ll be informative, fun, and tasty, thanks to all the delicious coffees you’ll get to try.

Whether you’re learning about coffee or hanging out with a hot beverage, you’ll love your time at Atelier de Fer Coffee and Tea. Stop by the next time you need a caffeine fix. You won’t be disappointed.

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