Catch A Performance Of ‘Bye Bye Birdie’

bye bye birdie

This Valentine’s Day weekend, gather up your loved ones and see a performance of Bye Bye Birdie: Young Performers’ Edition at the Gargaro Theater!

Bye Bye Birdie

The musical is set in 1958 small town Sweet Apple, Ohio, as pop sensation Conrad Birdie comes to town to perform one last song before his draft into the Army. At the end of the song, “One Last Kiss,” Conrad is supposed to give a farewell kiss to a lucky Sweet Apple girl, Kim McAfee, on the Ed Sullivan Show as a publicity stunt. Kim’s newly minted steady boyfriend, Hugo Peabody, is upset that his girlfriend will be kissing a rock star, and plots to ruin the production of the Ed Sullivan Show.

Meanwhile, Conrad’s manager, Albert Peterson, is having an increasingly difficult time with his mother, Mae, and his longtime girlfriend, Rosie. Mae is diametrically opposed to the idea of Albert marrying Rosie due to her own long-held prejudices. Drama ensues as Conrad prepares for his draft and as the characters attempt to work out their love lives. All of these elements combine to create one of the most popular young-adult musicals to ever hit the stage.

Bye Bye Birdie at the Gargaro Theater

You can catch a performance of Bye Bye Birdie: Young Performers’ Edition at the Garagaro Theater from Thursday, February 13 to Sunday, February 16, with evening and matinee shows available. The Young Performers’ Edition adapts Bye Bye Birdie for a younger cast, but don’t worry – your favorite moments and songs from the original score such as “Put On A Happy Face,” “The Telephone Hour,” and “One Last Kiss” are still in the show.

Conrad Birdie and Elvis

Bye Bye Birdie is based on the true story of Elvis Presley being drafted into the Army in 1957, and the cult-like following he commanded among American teenagers. Before he left for an 18-month service in Germany, Elvis gave a specially selected member of the Women’s Army Corps a farewell kiss. Birdie’s name was also inspired by rock and country sensation Conway Twitty, who was one of Elvis’ rivals in the early days of rock-and-roll.

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