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Whether you’re the parent of an inquisitive child or you are a K-12 science teacher looking for a way to make your students passionate about the wonders of the scientific world, The Citizen Science Lab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the perfect destination for a fun-filled learning experience for all ages. There is something for everyone at this amazing lab dedicated to sparking an interest in STEM studies in young learners. You can choose from two locations: Hill District and South Hills. Both locations host incredible workshops, field trips, summer camps, and birthday parties that will excite any young mind. Here, you’ll meet an excellent team of educators who can answer your biggest questions about how the world works.

Programs and Membership

There are several programs offered by The Citizen Science Lab, so you have plenty to choose from when planning a visit. Try one of the summer camps, where fourth through 12-graders will discover more about science and engineering. CSL holds camps from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and prices range from $150 to $300. Check the website for details on dates and age groups accepted for each camp.

For all you educators, get excited for the amazing opportunities for field trips to The Citizen Science Lab. Your students can learn from a number of subjects in the CSL’s Course Catalog. Also, middle and high school science teachers can participate in the AMGEN® Biotech Experience to receive hands-on biotechnology curriculum. At this training program, they’ll gain the essential skills to teach students who need to be ready for the ever-growing STEM-dependent industries.

Homeschooled kids also have access to the amazing resources at the CSL. The lab offers various home school and weekend workshops tailored to the interest and grade level of all kids. Anyone in the community, including adults, can have fun while expanding their minds by purchasing lab membership for $95 a month.

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Supporting the Community

The Citizen Science Center’s main initiative is to make the Pittsburgh community thrive. For this reason, they are bringing important resources and placing them in the hands of students who may go on to work in STEM careers. Supporting those interests at a young age is vital not only for the children but for the betterment of STEM studies in Pennsylvania. Do your part to make this possible by donating or volunteering. You can also come out with your young ones for an educational experience that neither of you will forget.

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