DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love

Girl covering mother's eyes and giving her present

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you’re searching for the perfect gift. Maybe you need something for your own mother, or you and your little ones are on the lookout for a gift for your spouse. Whether you want to give your mom a gift or help your kids, these DIY Mother’s Day gifts are perfect.

Ocean Stone Bath Mat

Between work and taking care of the kids, it’s hard for moms to find time for a spa day. You can help that special mother in your life enjoy some “me time” by making an ocean stone bath mat for Mother’s Day. You’ll just need to pick up an outdoor rubber mat with holes in it, smooth stones, and a clear waterproof silicone sealer for this simple project. Then, she can enjoy some spa time from the comfort of home. She’ll be eternally grateful for this thoughtful gift.

Stenciled Tea Towels

Something happens when women become mothers. All of a sudden, they develop wise sayings to share with their offspring. Show off those wise sayings by creating stenciled tea towels. You can stencil one of her most common sayings on a tea towel and then make it stand out with acrylic paint. When you give this gift, she will know that you’ve been listening to everything she says. She’s sure to display this gift with pride.

‘Reasons I Love You’ Flipbook

Being a mother can feel like a thankless job from time to time. You can show that special mother in your life that she is appreciated by creating a “Reasons I Love You” flipbook. You just need cardstock, a hole punch, a jump ring, a pen, and some pictures to create this book. Then, write one reason you love her on each piece of cardstock. Number the cardstock and use the jump ring to bind them together. Your mother will love flipping through this book as a reminder of your special bond.

This can also make a great gift for your children’s mother, even if your kids are too young to express complete thoughts on the cardstock. Have them write the thoughts out to the best of their ability and then create the flipbook for them.

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Mason Jar Picture Frame

You can create a mason jar picture frame featuring a picture of you and your mother or your kids and their mother. You just need a picture, a clean mason jar, and painting supplies for this DIY project. It’s so easy to make that you might end up creating several picture frames for the entire family.

These DIY Mother’s Day gifts are sure to be a hit. They are a fantastic way to give a gift from the heart, even if you aren’t a master crafter.

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