Donut Miss Out On These Pittsburgh Treats

There are few things better to enjoy with a cup of piping hot coffee than a delicious fresh-baked donut. Fortunately for those living in Pittsburgh, there are a variety of bakeries throughout town that provide scrumptious donuts throughout the day. To help you navigate through the myriad of bakeries, here is a list of some of the best donut shops in the area.

Oram’s Donut Shop

Yes, we know it’s a bit of a hike to get to Beaver Falls, which is 31 miles north of Pittsburgh, but if you haven’t made the trip at least once, then you are missing out. Oram’s Donut Shop is been around since 1938 and offers giant donuts that are packed with flavor. Be sure to get an original crème or a cinnamon roll. Your taste buds will thank us.

Father & Son Family Bakery

This bakery is tucked away in Pittsburgh’s north side at Observatory Hill. The shop resides in the same location as Schorr’s, which closed in 2019. Father & Son Family Bakery moved in following the closure and continues Schorr’s longtime tradition and even offers many of the same recipes. You can find simple glazed donuts that are light and airy, quality cinnamon twists, and the iconic powdered sugar/custard-filled pastries. Don’t hesitate to give this place a shot. You will not be disappointed.

Prantl’s Bakery

If you haven’t yet tried the famous Burnt Almond Torte, then we encourage you to drop what you are doing and hike on over to Prantl’s Bakery. Also, do not forget to pick up a Burnt Almond Torte Donut, which is a donut that is dusted with that iconic sugary, nutty crunch. If you have never had one before, you are missing out.

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Better-Maid Donuts

The trick to snagging some donuts at Better-Maid Donuts is getting there in time before it sells out. This donut shop makes a certain amount of donuts per day, and when they sell them all, they are done for the day. If you can manage to get some, you will quickly notice that these are the best donuts in the city. The donuts here are thick and come in several classic flavors, such as chocolate glazed, cinnamon, and jelly-filled.

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