Easter Egg Crafts Children Will Love

Young parents coloring animal eggs for Easter with their children

Having little kids is so much fun. They are always growing and learning something new, and it’s an adventure to see the world through their eyes. However, it also means that you’re probably always looking for something to keep them busy. That’s no exception on holidays like Easter. What are you going to do to celebrate with your kids? Sure, you’ll probably do an Easter egg hunt, but what about after that? Well, if you’re looking for something to get them excited about the holiday, you should try these fun Easter crafts. These crafts aren’t too difficult for little hands, and the whole crew is going to think they’re fun. Check out these fun ideas below.

Paper Easter Wreath

If your little ones are really young, you may need to help them with this one, as they’ll have to use scissors. Older kids shouldn’t have any problem putting these together, though. Get some colorful paper in spring or Easter colors, and start tracing egg shapes on the paper. Then, cut out the eggs and arrange them in a circle. Attach them at the back, make a hanger, and there you have it: an easy paper Easter wreath. Not only are these easy, but they also turn out really cute, and you’ll be happy to hang them in your home.

Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a huge mess. And if you have little ones, it may not be the easiest task to undertake when you’re also trying to cook a meal for the family. That’s why you may want to try making puffy paint Easter eggs instead. The kids can go wild with their creativity and make anything they want on the eggs. And since there’s less clean-up, parents will love their cool ideas even more.

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Crushed Eggshells Craft

This one is going to require some help from mom or dad, but once you do the prep work, your kids can get as creative as they want. The next time you make boiled eggs, save the shells. Crush them up into little pieces, and dye them different colors. (You can also take the dyed eggshells off of the eggs you make for Easter.) Then, your kids can use these broken eggshells to make all kinds of cool crafts. It may sound strange, but when you see what your kids can do with this stuff, you may just be convinced to try this affordable craft again.

Your kids are going to love these craft ideas!

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