Tap Into Your Green Thumb With These Easy To Grow Plants

Green thumb

Nature is all around us – from the birds chirping outside our window to the tall trees that sway with their limbs back and forth. Unfortunately, with spring comes plenty of pollen that can tickle your allergies. However, pollen is an important part of nature. We’re all aware of how bees pollinate flowers, but do you have a garden of your own to watch over and take care of? If not, it’s about time that you develop a green thumb and get to know some plants you might be unfamiliar with.

To help you get started, we’ve taken a look at some plants that are easy to grow and will help you get off to a great start in terms of your new garden. Feel free to get the family involved and teach your kids a thing or two about gardens, the planting process, and more. Keep reading to learn which plants to start with!

Knockout Rose 

Who doesn’t love a beautiful rose? After all, they symbolize love, hope, and affection. These gorgeous plants are great to show off in your yard. First of all, this shrub rose needs to be planted in rich, well-drained soil. You’ll want to plant them in full sun and water regularly. They usually grow to about 3-4 feet in height. Be sure to plant these in spring to prevent the winter weather from killing them.  

Jackmanii Clematis 

This vine is known for its bright and colorful blue-purple flowers that bloom during the summer. If you’re wanting to add a bit of color to your yard, you’ll want to choose the Jackmanii Clematis. Be sure to plant in moist, well-drained soil and in a place where it can receive full sun. However, the roots need to be shaded from the sun. With these vines, you can expect them to grow up to 7-10 feet tall and 3-6 feet wide. These grow best when planted in the spring.  

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Gingko Craig Hosta 

Many of you are probably familiar with the popular hosta plant that most yards seem to grow. Why is that? For starters, hosta is a thick plant that, when planted beside other flowers and plants as mentioned above, allow the flowers and colors to stand out among the rest. In their own right, hosta is just as beautiful. If you plan on planting hosta, you’ll enjoy the green leaves that come with a white edge and sometimes even purple flowers. Hosta should also be planted in moist, well-drained soil. Only growing up to 10 inches and with a width of 10-12 inches, you’ll need to plant plenty of hosta to provide a beautiful arrangement around your home. It’s also a good idea to plant hosta in the spring. 

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