Enjoy A Collision-Free Future When You Ride With Honda

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Honda owners know and trust Honda for focusing on their safety and well-being on the road. The technology looks at how your car can sense and anticipate dangers, helping you avoid collisions. Many of the features are already standard or soon will be included in new Honda models. Here are a few of the leading technologies Honda is working on to make your ride safer and more worry-free.

Cars That Think With Honda Sensing

Researchers are focusing on proactive responses. For example, many drivers are familiar with the classic version of cruise control. People know that cruise control works well on the highway but isn’t practical in city driving. But with adaptive cruise control (ACC), drivers can set a speed while also keeping a safe space between them and the driver ahead. This feature works well in light traffic.

Distraction happens even to the best drivers, but with the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) System, your Honda will detect a vehicle and alert you immediately. So much can happen while you’re driving. But with FCW, you’ll hear a beep, and an amber “Brake” light will flash to let you know to brake right away.

Staying in Your Lane

Distracted driving can also cause a person to veer from their lane. With the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), you get another proactive tool that helps you stay in your lane. It’ll even gently steer you if it senses you’ve come too close to the road’s edge. However, if the system senses you haven’t actively steered after some time, it’ll alert you to take the wheel.

Sometimes drivers need a little more help to stay in their lane safely. With Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), drivers get extra peace of mind. Sensors alert the car when a driver has crossed road markers like solid painted lines or Botts’ Dots. Once the system alerts the car, it’ll try to steer the car back across the line. But if the driver still hasn’t responded or the steering isn’t helping, the car will gently brake. This process helps keep the car from leaving the roadway and minimizes potential damage from a crash.

Reducing the Risk for Everyone

Of course, technology is constantly changing. Honda has set a huge goal of eliminating collisions by exploring virtual models and future concepts. One exciting concept underway is SAFE SWARM, which fits Honda’s vision of a collision-free roadway. The idea is that cars will be able to talk with each other wirelessly. By sharing speed and location, each car could make safer decisions or help the driver make safer decisions.

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Come and Test the Newest Safety Features

Honda’s top goal is to ensure you and your family arrive safe and whole. As a result, Honda is always innovating and updating the latest models with tons of safety features. At Honda North in Butler, Pennsylvania, we make your safety the highest priority. Come and test drive the latest Honda and experience what the future of safety feels like today.

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