The Best Grilling Gadgets To Try This Summer

Grilling burgers on a charcoal grill

Hot days and balmy evenings mean just one thing to those of us with a taste for summer’s finest foods: It’s grilling season! And if you’re looking for ways to step up your grilling game, then you’ll love the list that follows. These innovative gadgets are just what you need to take your backyard barbecues to the next level and stand out as the grill master you truly are.

Cool Tools for Hot Dishes

If your perfect grilling endeavors in the past have been foiled by one mishap or another, then you’ll appreciate a few tech-savvy gadgets that can help you get cooking right. Light up those coals, grab a cold drink, and discover some simple solutions to common grilling goofs.

  • Looftlighter – If you’ve ever tried to light your charcoal on a windy day with simple matches, you know it can be tricky. The Looftlighter uses super-heated air to get the fire started quickly and easily, without dousing your briquettes in lighter fluid. This all-electric handheld wand is billed as the “quickest, safest, and cleanest way to start your fire.”
  • Weber iGrill Mini – Grilling meats to their proper temperature for food safety and optimal flavor is an art born of experience. Or you can take a little help from the Weber iGrill Mini, a smart thermometer that uses a wired probe to track the temperature of your meat while it’s cooking. Connect it to an app on your smartphone and you’ll be notified when your food is ready from up to 150 feet away.
  • Meater+ – If you’re looking for a completely wireless alternative to the iGrill Mini, the Meater+ will do the job for you. This advanced meat thermometer sends alerts directly to your phone when your food has reached the correct temperature.
  • Grillbot – If post-grilling cleanup is something you dread, then this is the gadget for you! The Grillbot uses electric motors and wire brushes to do the dirty work for you. All you have to do is place it on top of your grill grates, turn it on, and let it go to work. It controls its own motion, speed, and direction and sounds an alarm when it’s finished.

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