Take A Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour
With Pittsburgh’s deep historical roots and industrial past, it’s easy to believe that there may be a few ghosts drifting around the city. If you’ve ever wandered by one of the old buildings downtown and wondered what spooky secrets it might hide, you can find out on the Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tour!

The Ghost Tours

The guides behind Haunted Pittsburgh have curated the most chilling ghost stories from the city’s long and intriguing past. It’s no surprise that many of Pittsburgh’s infamous haunts are in walking distance of each other, among the imposing mansions and flickering lamps of the historic downtown. This enthralling walking tour dives deep into West Pennsylvania’s strange and unheard history, digging up fascinating real characters and exploring the potentially supernatural occurrences they were involved in.

These insightful guides leave the jump scares and ubiquitous urban legends to the haunted house attractions, so you’re bound to end the tour with a deeper insight into the city’s eeriest happenings. On the tour, you may hear about wealthy robber barons, or a hotel room where several high-profile guests all had dreams of their own fates.

Meet the Guides

While the haunted history of Pittsburgh is already fascinating, the ghost tour guides make its chilling tales come to life. Teacher, traveler, and storyteller Haydn Thomas has been praised by both guests and the press for his spellbinding delivery and wealth of regional knowledge, while his charisma adds a unique level of charm to the evening explorations.

Cinematographer/screenwriter Kathleen Mullavey brings a healthy appreciation of the macabre to the tours, enthralling guests with the storytelling prowess that earned her a “Best Screenplay” award from the Motion Picture Institute.

Booking Information

If you’re ready to explore the shadows of the city with experienced guides, you can go HERE to pick a date and time. The touring season runs from spring to early November. Participants gather at the Pittsburgh City-County Building and embark on a walking tour that lasts around an hour and 20 minutes. Tickets are $10 for kids 12 years old and under, and $18 for adults.  The City-County Building is located at 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219.

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