How To Plan The Ultimate Graduation Celebration

Yellow and blue theme graduation party cupcakes with cap hats toppers and decorations.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to making it to graduation. So, no matter what level of education you or your loved one has achieved, it deserves to be celebrated. Here’s how to throw a great graduation party in eight easy steps.

Steps 1-2: Make a Budget and a Guest List

The first thing you should do is talk to the graduate about how they would like to celebrate their achievement. They may want something small and staid, or they might prefer a big spectacle. You’ll need to know what their taste is before you establish a budget. Depending on their expectations, use this online party calculator to help you determine how much to spend on each guest, decorations, and venue. Then you’ll know how many people you can invite and you can build a guest list.

Steps 3-4: Choose When and Where

With your guest list built, you’ll be able to determine how much space you need to accommodate the party. If you want to use a venue for the party you’ll need to get started early to beat the May and June wedding season. Another option is to plan a backyard party at home. Next, determine the date and time of your party. Since many of your friends and family may also be having graduation celebrations, you’ll want to make sure your celebrations aren’t conflicting. Or, you can combine them to save money and resources.

Steps 5-6: Decorations and Menu Planning

You don’t need an official theme for your party. A simple barbeque, potluck, or fish fry works fine for a backyard party. If you’re hosting the celebration at a venue though, a theme can help you plan the decorations and the menu. You can decorate the venue in school colors, inspirational quotes, or things related to sports and clubs the graduate enjoys. Then plan your menu around the theme and time of day.

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Steps 7-8: Plan the Entertainment and Send our Invitations

The last step of planning the event is finding entertainment. This can be anything from creating a playlist that will last the allotted time to hiring a DJ or live entertainment. Finally, send out your invitations and get ready to party.

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