Cool Down At These Ice Cream Shops

Ice Cream Shops

Now that it has started to get a bit warmer out, you are probably looking for ways to keep cool. But even if it may be too early to hit the pool, you can still find ways to beat the heat. One great way is to grab a sweet treat from a local ice cream shop. There are so many different choices in the Butler area that it may be hard to find some of the best, but the following list will help you identify a top-quality ice cream shop for you to frequent all spring and summer long. Here are some of the most popular spots around.

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

You may have had a lot of ice cream in your life, but it’s hard to beat what you’ll find when you go to Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream in Pittsburgh. Sure, you’ll find all your favorite classic flavors here, but this place has so much more to offer. For example, you absolutely have to try the Vietnamese coffee ice cream. If you love Vietnamese coffee, you’re not going to be able to get enough of this flavor. Want to try something else that’s unique? The lavender ice cream is hard to beat as well.

The Milk Shake Factory

Sometimes, you want to lick on an ice cream cone. Other times, you just want to drink your ice cream instead of eating it. That’s when you should go to The Milk Shake Factory in Pittsburgh. Talk about a way to indulge. There are so many different flavors to try, and they all come in a cup so you can take your time sipping your milkshake. The fried ice cream shake is always a huge hit, or you can try one of the sundaes. Oh, and this place also sells just about everything covered in chocolate, so make sure you save plenty of room for that.

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King Cones Castle

Looking for affordable ice cream and huge portions that will fill you up for hours? Then just make your way to King Cones Castle in Butler. If you want to get a taste of all that this place has to offer, stop by and go inside. But if you’re in a rush, you can simply order at the drive-thru. That makes grabbing an ice cream cone easier than ever.

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