KBB Names Honda The Best Value Brand

Front Honda sign.

Honda has taken home numerous awards over the years, but one stands out above the rest. It’s the Best Value Brand Award from KBB.com, and the manufacturer has taken the honor home each year since 2015. Honda didn’t climb the ranks and become the top value brand by accident. Instead, it built its entire business around value, which is why it has such a following around the world. Check out how Honda delivers when it comes to value.

Options for All Budgets

Honda stands out when it comes to price options. It truly has something for all budgets. Affordable options such as the Honda Fit and Civic allow budget-minded shoppers to drive a high-value brand. And with Honda, you don’t have to worry when buying one of the more affordable models. Honda maintains its high standards for each car, truck, and SUV in the lineup.


KBB.com also notes that Honda stands out when it comes to reliability. When you drive a Honda, you’re less likely to need expensive repairs. It is also unlikely you’ll end up on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck to come. Because these vehicles are so reliable, the cost of ownership is low. That certainly adds to the value.

High-Quality Vehicles

Maintaining quality standards is built into the fabric of the Honda brand. Honda uses the best parts and manufacturing processes to ensure that each vehicle meets rigorous standards. Founder Soichiro Honda summed up Honda’s commitment to quality perfectly when he stated that the brand aims to achieve “120 percent product quality.” He let it be known that 99 percent isn’t good enough, so the brand as a whole strives for perfection. That hard work has paid off since it directly impacts the reliability of Honda vehicles.

Resale Value

When assessing brands, KBB.com also considers resale value. While some cars depreciate so quickly that owners barely get anything back, Honda’s value holds strong. This is important when buying a car since it makes it easier to afford an upgrade. You can use the sizable check from the sale or trade in to go toward your new vehicle.

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An Impressive Lineup of Vehicles

KBB.com also mentions Honda’s impressive lineup of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks, as there is a vehicle fit for every lifestyle. That’s why so many people are customers for life. Honda has something for every season of life, whether you’re a single college student or part of a family of eight.

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