Become A Morning Person With These Tips

Rearview shot of a woman opening the curtains on a bright sunny day

Do you dread the sound of your alarm clock every morning? You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that you’re not a morning person and might even put things off until later in the day, so you can tackle them when you’re at your best. Living like that can be stressful, so consider changing the way you think about mornings. You can become a morning person by following some tips. As a result, instead of putting things off, you’ll seize the day.

Set a Bedtime and Wake-up Schedule

Setting and following a schedule will help you create a new habit, so you can become a morning person. Your schedule should allow you to get at least eight hours of sleep so you’ll wake up refreshed. Set a bedtime that you can follow every night of the week. Then, start getting ready for bed one hour before you intend to go to sleep. At that point, turn off your electronics. You can get into bed a half-hour before you go to sleep, but keep your electronics off. Instead, you can meditate, read a book, or do something else relaxing. Then, turn off the lights when it’s bedtime and fall asleep. You should be refreshed and ready to tackle the day eight hours later.

Don’t Hit Snooze

If you aren’t a morning person, you likely think snooze is your best friend. You might hit the button several times each morning, thinking that a few more minutes of sleep will do the body good. However, hitting snooze has the opposite effect. It interrupts your body’s sleep cycles, and it makes you feel even more sleep deprived. Instead, get up at the first sound of your alarm. If you have trouble with that, move your alarm away from your bed. You’re less likely to hit snooze if you have to stand up to do it.

Let the Sunlight In

When you wake up, let the natural sunlight in. Open your blinds and soak up the sun so your body can regulate your circadian rhythm. This will help you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night more easily.

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Do Something Positive Each Morning

You can start the day off in a great mood when you do something you enjoy each morning. This gives you something to look forward to and takes the edge off the mornings. Schedule a positive and productive activity each morning. Also, you might benefit from meditating every morning or listening to your favorite podcast. Even reading the news can put some people in a good mood. You don’t have to set aside much time for this activity. Simply dedicating 15 minutes to a positive and enjoyable activity will help you embrace the day, and you’ll find yourself in a happy mood when you head to work each morning.

It will take some time and practice to become a morning person. However, if you incorporate these tips today, you can expect a significant change within the next month.

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