Fly On Over To The National Aviary!

Fly On Over To The National Aviary!
You don’t have to travel to tropical jungles and frozen shores to see some of the most exotic birds on Earth, because they’re all waiting for you at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh!

A Zoo Like No Other

This nonprofit zoo is home to over 500 birds spanning more than 150 unique species. These winged wonders hail from different environments found all across the globe, and their habitats at the aviary recreate ideal conditions to keep them safe and comfortable. Many of the species represented at this zoo are threatened or endangered in the wild, and the aviary’s organizers endeavor to save these animals through breeding programs, environmental preservation, and other efforts.

Birds of All Feathers

Guests can explore a variety of different habitats to see the aviary’s tremendous population of birds. In the Main Hall, you’ll see the instantly recognizable bald eagle as well as the Steller’s sea eagle. If you’re a fan of raptors, make sure to stop by the Condor Court to see three birds of prey from the Andes Mountains. These condors are among the largest avian predators on earth. For a decidedly less imposing exhibit, head to Penguin Point to chill with a pool of 20 African penguins.

Avian Encounters

The National Aviary hosts special opportunities to meet their birds, and you can come by to get an up-close look at owls, hawks, penguins, flamingos, and more. In addition to its host of feathered residents, the Aviary is also home to some other creatures that you can meet. You can visit a two-toed sloth on certain days of the week, and a little armadillo receives guests on a daily basis.

Event Space

If you have a special occasion or corporate event coming up on your calendar, the National Aviary has an ideal space to host it. With a beautiful green space, wide canopies, and various other arrangements, the Aviary can facilitate virtually any occasion. If you’re looking for a picturesque place to say your vows, they can make your special day as elegant and memorable as you’ve ever imagined.

Plan Your Visit

The National Aviary is open seven days per week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $17 for adults and $16 for children and seniors. The aviary is located at 700 Arch Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212.

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While You’re Out

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