Not Sure What Oil Additives Are? Let Us Help

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Without motor oil, a car couldn’t operate, or at least it wouldn’t operate for very long. After all, oil lubricates the engine’s parts and components. However, for this product to do its job, manufacturers put additives in motor oil. If you’re not sure what additives are, this information will help. When you need an oil change, head to Honda North in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

How Motor Oil Works

It’s important to have the oil in your car changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles based on the automaker’s recommendation. That way, it’s always clean and effective. The oil makes its way through to the parts and components under the hood. Not only does it form a thin film that seeps into tiny crevices, but it also prevents metal from connecting with metal.

In addition, the motor oil your car uses helps to keep the engine clean. To ensure that motor oil works as effectively as possible, makers include additives in their products. For one thing, that eliminates deposits in the engine that could lead to sludge. For another, it enhances lubrication and modifies viscosity.

Types of Motor Oil Additives

One reason that it’s important to get your car’s oil changed at a respected service center is that the technician will choose the correct product. After all, not all motor oils contain the same additives. Based on the type of vehicle you drive, its age, and even the kind of driving you do, the expert will make the appropriate choice. Here are some examples of the additives found in motor oil.

Viscosity Index Improvers

In this case, the additive improves the way the oil flows through your car’s engine. It doesn’t matter whether the engine’s hot or cold. Either way, motor oil has the job of protecting it. It needs that protection, especially when you first start your vehicle on a cold winter day. The cold outside temperatures make the engine vulnerable to damage.

Corrosion Inhibitors

This additive found in motor oil prevents the oxidation of metals within your car’s engine. Remember, when an engine’s temperature changes, moisture can accumulate inside. Because of that, there’s a risk of metal parts and components corroding.


Over time, any engine becomes dirty. Sludge and other impurities can alter your car’s performance. For that reason, makers put detergents in motor oil. As the oil works its way through the engine, it washes away tiny deposits that settle in cracks and crevices.


If exposed to oxygen, motor oil often degrades. To stop or slow down the degradation process and, at the same time, extend the life of the oil, makers put antioxidant additives in their products.

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Other Additives Found in Motor Oil

Beyond those mentioned, companies use additional additives in motor oil. For instance, they use additives that neutralize acidic compounds commonly in oil. Again, be sure you have the oil changed in your car as recommended by the manufacturer. For this, call Honda North in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of our certified technicians will gladly assist you.

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