Check Out These Pennsylvania State Parks!

A family of four are hiking through the woods on a beautiful sunny day.

School is back in session, and no matter what that looks like for your kids this year, there’s one fact that remains true: they’re starting to go a little stir-crazy. After a summer of running around, they’re back to sitting still for long periods of time and are in need of a leg-stretch session. Take a look at some local state parks that are sure to give them that boost of fresh air they need to get them through another week. Try one and then try them all!

Point State Park

Located right at the end of Pittsburgh’s “Golden Triangle.” this park has a little bit of everything! Your family will have a blast getting outside, while also learning a fact or two about the French and Indian War in the 1700s. The park is open every day from sunrise to sunset, so you can fit this trip into your schedule whenever it’s convenient for you. There are monuments, markers, and plaques located along the park to remember the impact on history the spot had. There are some pretty cool things to see and learn here!

Allegheny Islands State Park

Get the true island experience at Allegheny Islands State Park! A part of the minority, this island remains fully undeveloped. This is your chance to see a habitat in its natural state, from the vegetation to the wildlife. There’s so much to explore here! Take your pick from the upper island which is 14 acres, and the lower island which is 34 acres. You’ll truly get the full experience as there are no official trails.

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Hillman State Park

If you’re in need of a good, long hike out in nature, this is your spot. This 3,600-acre state park features plenty of hiking trails open to anyone who wants to give them a shot. You can visit any day of the year as long as the sun is up.

Enjoy a day out with your family; we’re sure they will appreciate it!

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