Check Out These Pittsburgh, PA Hiking Trails!

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If you need some fresh air and a change of scenery, it might be time to go for a walk. Fortunately, you can find a wide variety of hiking trails around Pittsburgh!

Frick Park Tour Loop Trail

This wide, five-mile trail is broad enough to accommodate heavy traffic, but you’ll still enjoy the serenity of nature even if you have to share the path with other hikers. Varying inclines keep things interesting for fast trekkers and mountain bikers, while everyone is free to take the trail at their own pace. The main trail branches with many offshoots, so you can choose to the road less traveled if you truly want an escape to nature.

Fran Colonello Walking Trail

With its entire route stretching less than a mile, the Fran Colonello Walking Trail is an ideal path for anyone looking to fit a brisk walk into their lunch break. It provides a quick look around a tranquil valley, with a small bridge leading over a stream. Wildflowers and wildlife surround the trial, which has become a popular choice for birdwatchers.

Schenley Park Double Loop

The picturesque Schenley Park Double Loop stretches five miles through a historic city park setting, with charming forest scenery and vistas of the nearby city. As you wander, you’ll find stone bridges dating back to the late 1930s, as well as the shimmering lake. You might even glimpse the local wildlife, like a scampering chipmunk or a silent and shy deer.

Meeks Run and Oil Well Trail Loop

At just under two miles, this wooded trail accommodates everything from the causal hike to adventurous mountain biking. Sharp turns and changing elevations keep the rout interesting, as do the various features you’ll encounter along the trails. As you explore, listen out for the sound of a bubbling cascade, and don’t miss the rusted remnants of the old oil well, with its machinery still raised into the air.

Pittsburgh Northside History Urban Hike

If you want to go for a scenic walk but remain in the thick of the city, the Pittsburgh Northside History Urban Hike runs along the Ohio River with great views of the water, West Park, and city skyline. The circuit runs more than five miles, ensuring a dynamic experience as the scenery continuously changes around you. As it is so close to the city center, the traffic on this trail tends to be higher than some of the more remote options.

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