Hike On Over To Point State Park

Active senior couple on a hike outdoors

Have you ever made it to the end of the day, only to realize that you spent every hour inside? While staying indoors here and there is OK, you can get a little stir crazy if it happens too often. When you start feeling like you need to get out and enjoy fresh air, head over to Point State Park. From the gorgeous setting to the hiking trails and historical sites, you’ll love every minute you spend at the park.

Take in History at the Park

This park is a National Historic Landmark and was created to commemorate various events during the French and Indian War. As you stroll through the park, you’ll encounter various plaques, markers, monuments, and buildings. One of the most impressive is the Fort Pitt Blockhouse. Constructed in 1764, it served as a small fort during the French and Indian War. The British eventually abandoned it, and it became a trading post. Then, it evolved into a single-family home before turning into a multi-family tenement. As you can imagine, this structure holds lots of history, and you can see it when you visit.

You’ll learn even more if you head into the Fort Pitt Museum. Along with the French and Indian War, it covers the American Revolution and local history. This museum is far from dry and dull. It has interactive exhibits that’ll even keep the little ones entertained.

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Hiking at Point State Park

A love of history isn’t the only reason to visit Point State Park. It’s also a great place to hike. If you want to stay in the park, you can walk along the park’s promenade. The ADA-accessible trails are located on the riverfront and provide some of the best city views you’ll ever see. Along with the city views, the promenade paths will take you past the towering fountain. You can grab a seat at a bench during your hike if you want to relax and take in the scenery.

There are two additional trails that don’t originate at the park but lead to it. First, there’s the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. This trail is 37 miles in length and runs along the Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny rivers.

Then, there’s the Great Allegheny Passage Rail Trail. The 141-mile trail is part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, which is quite an adventure in itself.

Whether you’re in the mood for hiking, history, or a little bit of both, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Point State Park. Grab some hiking shoes and head over.

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