Prepare For The School Year With These Tips

A group of small school kids with teacher in class writing.

Summer break might look long on paper, but the weeks fly by. Before you know it, it’ll be time to send your little ones back to school. You can make the transition from summer break to school more manageable by following these tips.

Start a Regular Bedtime Routine

Do your kids like to stay up late during the summer? That’s fun during the summer months, but it can make it hard to get on a schedule during the school year. Set a regular bedtime and have your kids follow it for the weeks leading up to starting school. Then, they’ll adjust to the schedule by the time school starts.

Start the Wakeup Schedule During the Summer

Sleeping late is a common habit during the summer. The more your kids sleep in, the harder it will be to wake them up for school. Make it easier on yourself and your little ones by starting a morning schedule now. Wake them up at the same time each morning, so they’ll be ready when school starts.

Get Dressed for the Day

Getting your kids dressed and ready for the day can be a challenge when school starts. Fortunately, you can start practicing now, so they’ll be in the habit when school begins. Have your kids decide what they’ll wear the next day and set the clothing out. Then, your kids can get dressed each morning when they wake up. Getting dressed in the morning will be second nature by the time school starts.

Follow the School’s Lunch Schedule

It’s normal for kids to eat whenever they want during the summer. Because of that, kids often get hungry well before lunchtime when school starts. Help them avoid this by having them eat lunch at the same time they’ll eat when they go back to school. Then, their stomachs won’t start growling hours before they can eat at school.

Prepare Them for Learning

You want your kids to hit the ground running when they start school. You can help them by preparing their minds. Have them read for at least a half-hour each day. You can also play educational games with them over the summer. Word games are an excellent choice for keeping their minds sharp. You can also add in trivia and other games that make learning fun.

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Load up on School Supplies

Finally, load up on school supplies before the first day of class. Get a supply list from the school and do your shopping. You might want to get extra, so you won’t have to make supply runs throughout the year.

These tips will help your kids transition into the school year without any issues. The transition will be so smooth that your kids might even be excited about starting school.

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