Tips For Decluttering Your Garage

organized garage with workspace and tools


For many people, the garage becomes a catch-all for their clutter and items that are not frequently used. Because of this, garages are not always the house’s most organized and user-friendly space. If decluttering and organizing your garage is your next big project, SpaceWise has some great tips for you!

Create Zones

A big part of keeping your garage organized is by having zones. These zones insure that you have easy access to what you need and can quickly find any decoration, tool, or toy that you have stored.

As well as having zones, SpaceWise recommends utilizing bins, shelves, and rolling storage for your organization. These items paired together help keep your garage organized and allow you to make the most of the space you have.

Tool Accessibility and Organization

There are many different tools; each kind needs its own organization and level of accessibility. SpaceWise has you saved with these tips.

For smaller and more frequently used tools, hang up a pegboard. A pegboard allows for accessibility for your most used items while keeping everything in one space. Similarly, you could organize your small yard tools with wooden pallets. Or, you can add a magnetic strip to your workbench to cut down on the time it takes to dig through your toolbox.

For the smaller components of a toolbox, SpaceWise recommends that you get a clear tactical box for your screws, nails, and nuts. For anyone looking for a fun DIY, you could repurpose an old library card box.

How to Store Seasonal and Athletic Items

Some items in our garages do not get used frequently. You have winter items, bikes that only get used occasionally, or a scooter that your child has long forgotten but you do not dare to get rid of. For these items, SpaceWise has some tips for you on how to keep them without compromising your garage space.

For your athletic equipment, SpaceWise suggests a variety of ideas. Hang vertical racks to house balls. Items like skateboards, rollerskates, and hockey sticks can be placed in a designated area. For any cleats or other sports shoes, have an angled wire shoe rack. For items like canoe paddles or surfboards, try j hooks.

For your seasonal equipment, try implementing a board with baskets and hooks for hats, scarves, and gloves. For your snowboots, hang a wire rack to help them dry. And for your snowboards and skis, a panel system will help keep them safe off the ground.

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Cubbies for the Family

For anyone with kids and no separate mudroom, often the garage becomes your mudroom. SpaceWise suggests adding cubbies to your garage for coats, shoes, and bags. These cubbies allow each family member space for their belongings while also providing organized and easy access for busy mornings.

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