Tips For Road Tripping With Fido

Young Woman Drives Car With Dog in Back Seat

Now that it’s nice outside, it’s a great time to take a road trip with your pup. As fun as that sounds, you can’t help but worry about the challenges of traveling with pets. Fortunately, you can enjoy a safe, stress-free adventure by following these tips for road tripping with a dog.

Take a Trip to the Vet

You need to make sure Fido is up to date on his vaccinations and find out if he needs additional shots based on your road-trip destination. Thus, make an appointment with your vet to discuss your travel plans and get the necessary shots. Also, get copies of his medical records to take with you if anything happens.

Plan a Route With Stops

Your pup will need to get out of the car to stretch his legs and do his business during the trip. Thus, map out your route, complete with stops along the way. At a minimum, you need to stop every four hours, and each stop should be at least 15 minutes long. If you’re going on a long road trip, plan for one of those stops to be at a dog park for playtime if possible.

Find Pet-friendly Accommodations

Whether you are staying at a hotel, Airbnb, or campsite, you need to make sure the place is pet friendly. Check online or call ahead before booking. Then you’ll know that both you and Fido will be welcome.

Pack Everything Your Pup Needs

During the road trip, your dog will need some items, so pack it all up before leaving. This includes food, water, and bowls to use during stops and once you reach your destination. He’ll also need protective clothing, pet-safe sunscreen, and insect repellent for outdoor adventures. Oh, and don’t forget the leash, toys, and treats.

Make Sure Your Pup’s ID is Up-to-date

Hopefully, you and your pup will stay close to each other during the trip, but you need to be prepared if he gets away. Thus, make sure his ID is up-to-date with your current information. You should also include another emergency contact. That way, the person who finds your dog can reach someone if your phone is out of the service area while traveling.

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Get Your Dog Ready for the Road

Keep an eye on the clock the day of the road trip, and feed your dog a few hours before leaving, so he doesn’t get sick on the road. Moreover, take a long walk right before loading up for the trip. Then you can finally hit the open road with your dog.

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