Grab A Cup Of Joe From The Top Pittsburgh Roasters

Closeup shot of a coffee machine in a cafe

When you think about the best cities for coffee, Seattle likely comes to mind. However, many agree that Seattle pales in comparison to Pittsburgh. The city is quickly building a reputation for having the best coffee roasters in the country. The next time you’re in Pittsburgh, check out these local roasters. Then, you’ll agree that Pittsburgh is now a coffee city.

La Prima Espresso Co.

When Sam Patti opened La Prima Espresso Co in 1988, he intended to spend his time selling and servicing espresso machines for local businesses. Before long, though, he had expanded to include a full-service espresso bar in his establishment. Now, La Prima has two locations in Pittsburgh and sells its coffee to cafes and restaurants around the country.

La Prima is all about variety. It sources beans from Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, and other places around the world. Then, it roasts those beans and uses them to create more than 20 varieties of your favorite caffeinated drink. While there’s a ton0 of variety, you might find yourself hooked on the La Prima Bar Espresso Blend. Flavorful and with a nice, smooth kick, this will make you feel like you’re drinking espresso in Italy.

Nicholas Coffee and Tea Co.

Nicholas Coffee and Tea Co. is also a top choice for grabbing a cup of joe. This company’s story began in 1919 when Nicholas Constantine emigrated from Greece. Along with his belongings, he brought an in-depth knowledge of roasting Arabica coffees. Today, the company sources beans from around the globe and turns them into delicious, robust coffees. There’s a massive assortment of coffee to choose from, including the Olde Vienna. The extra dark roast is sure to give you a boost throughout the day. Now, if you prefer something a little lighter and smoother, the Indian Monsoon Malabar is a hit.

Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange

The Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange is also considered one of the top roasters in the city. The pros roast the beans on-site and offer a variety of delicious beverages. You’ll enjoy the smell of freshly roasted coffee when you walk in, along with a friendly staff that’ll help you choose from the menu. Be sure to try one of the teas when you come here, too. The tea is considered the best in Pittsburgh, and it’s absolutely delicious.

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Steel Cup Coffee Roasters

A coffee tour of Pittsburgh wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Steel Cup Coffee Roasters. Quality and consistency are the tenants of this business. Because of that, it roasts the coffee in small batches. Oh, and it’s also about making things as easy as possible for customers. You can even download an app to order and pay for your coffee.

As you can see, getting a caffeine fix is easy in Pittsburgh. It’s not just about the caffeine, though. These shops are all about exceptional quality and flavors. In fact, they’re so much better than the chains that you’ll find yourself a local coffee devotee after your first sip.

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