Top Tips For The New Little League Coach

Father and son preparing for a game of softball

Coaching a little league team is not as easy as looking after a bunch of kids. The team is there to learn about the wonderful sport of baseball. Every kid should have the opportunity to better themselves through the game. As the coach, your role is to guide these children as they grow. You cannot do this if you are not prepared. Follow this guide to learn more about how to coach big in the little league.

Learn the Rules

The team is going to look to you for guidance. You will need to familiarize yourself with the little league rulebook, whether you are a seasoned coach or not. Of course, if a kid asks you a question you do not know, you can always use the rulebook as a guide.

There are different rules for Baseball, Softball, and the Challenger Division. Beyond the normal rules about what constitutes an inning, as the coach, you need to know when to substitute players and other regulations. These are where things get a bit more complicated, so be prepared to study.

Play to Your Player’s Skills

No matter how you got your players, once you have your team assembled, you want to play to each member’s strengths. If everyone got to pick their position, you could end up with 10 pitchers. During tryouts and practice, pay attention to what the players are good at. If someone is fast, you could strategically place them in the batting lineup. The same is also true for strong hitters. Players who are great at fielding grounders might belong on bases, while outfielders are the kids who are not afraid to get under a fly ball. All of these skills can be taught. If a kid wants to play a specific position, you can show them how to accomplish that goal.

Lay Out a Solid Practice Plan

There are only a few practices every season. Since you want your players to develop, you need to have a solid structure for each practice. You should research some plans that incorporate hitting, fielding, running, and exercise. You should also meet with the team’s parents to introduce yourself and explain what your expectations for the season are.

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Have Fun

Baseball is, first and foremost, a game. The players are here to learn and grow, but that would not be possible if they are not having fun. Make sure players are enjoying themselves and drinking plenty of water.

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