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The 2023 Honda Accord Is Worth It

Are you in need of a new vehicle? Does a sedan sound like the bodystyle for you? If you are in the market for a midsize sedan that has been fully redesigned and offers spacious seating, then you should check out the 2023 Honda Accord. This sedan has an easy-to-use... [read more]

See The Best Parts Of The New CR-V

CR-V SUV on road by stadium seating
Drivers are drawn to certain vehicles for a variety of reasons, and here at our Honda dealership, we’ve seen shoppers fall in love with the Honda CR-V for its looks, performance, features, and so much more. MotorBiscuit recently dove into a study about happy CR-V owners, so take a look... [read more]

Did You Know Your Tire Pressure Affects Your Gas Mileage?

Checking tire pressure with pressure gauge
Even though gas prices have decreased somewhat, they’re still too high. Like other drivers, you’re probably looking for ways to spend less at the fuel pump. Remember, always maintain the correct tire pressure. That alone will make a significant difference. Why Does Tire Pressure Matter? An excellent way to improve fuel efficiency... [read more]

Get The Award-Winning Honda CR-V!

Blue Honda CR-V in the driveway of a modern home
The award winning Honda CR-V is in stock and for sale at Honda North in Butler, Pennsylvania. Kelly Blue Book gave the 2022 Honda CR-V the Compact SUVE Best Buy Award.  Read on to find out why you should be excited. Upscale Design The Honda CR-V isn't a luxury vehicle, but the upscale... [read more]

Not Sure What Oil Additives Are? Let Us Help

Without motor oil, a car couldn’t operate, or at least it wouldn’t operate for very long. After all, oil lubricates the engine’s parts and components. However, for this product to do its job, manufacturers put additives in motor oil. If you’re not sure what additives are, this information will help.... [read more]

Every Car Owner Needs These Things

Checking the tire pressure
Whether buying your first car or vehicle number 10, always work with a trusted dealership. That’s where Honda North in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can help. However, it’s just as important to properly maintain your ride. This is especially true as the fall and winter seasons approach. For optimal safety and reliability,... [read more]

Easy Ways To Keep Your Car Smelling Refreshing

Automotive air conditioning in the car with gradient filter, Car perfume Stuck on the air conditioner in the car.
It’s no secret that you need a reliable vehicle as you drive each day in Pittsburgh, PA. However, you can’t neglect the cleanliness of your car either. For example, if your car is dirty and cluttered, chances are high that it’s going to have foul odors. This can make any... [read more]

Everything You Need To Know About Car Cleaning At Home

Car Washing
Having a clean car makes us feel and look good. But having your car professionally detailed can be expensive and is not always an option. However, that does not mean that you cannot have a clean and good-looking car. TurtleWax gives you tips on how to detail your car at... [read more]

Keep The Kiddos Safe With This Carpool Safety Checklist

kids going to school
As a parent in Pittsburgh, PA, you should always be mindful of your children’s well-being. For example, when school starts, they will be away from your watchful eye and, in many ways, be on their own. Even getting to school poses some risks that they need to be aware of.... [read more]

Are Your Tires Tired? Here’s How To Test The Tread

flat tire
Between getting to work and back, transporting kids all over town, and striking out on those long summer road trips, our tires really take a beating. And, as much as we depend on them every day, it's so easy to forget to check them for signs of wear as often... [read more]