Ease The Summer Scaries With These Backyard Blow-Up Pools

kid in blow up pool

When the hot temperatures hit this summer in Pittsburgh, PA, a blow-up pool in the backyard can provide a lot of relief. Kids love splashing and sitting in these pools. However, some products can pose risks of drowning and other injuries. Therefore, you want to be cautious about which pools you purchase and use. Fortunately, you can find reliable, quality blow-up pools that offer safety and fun. Explore these options today and put a smile on your children’s faces. Then, you won’t have to worry about many of the common incidents that can occur with backyard blow-up pools.

Pool With Seats

If a huge above-ground pool isn’t in your budget, you still have options for your family. For example, a Members Mark Pool With Seats is available for just $58. It measures 120 inches by 110 inches by 18 inches when you inflate it. It can comfortably fit a couple of adults and multiple children. Plus, the inflatable seat cushions and headrests make for a nice, relaxing time in the water. It has a drain plug and two valves for inflating and deflating the pool. Moreover, the pool has puncture-resistant material, so it’s durable and long-lasting.

Deep Inflatable Pool

For adults and older kids, a deeper pool may be just what the family is looking for. This pool allows for swimming in place and even more relaxation in the cool water. The Intex Round Easy Set Inflatable Pool goes for just $73. It gives you 2 ½ feet of water to enjoy. The pool can hold an impressive 1,000 gallons of water. In addition, you can fill it up in just 15 minutes.

Pool Slide

Younger children may want more out of their pool than just the pool itself. Fortunately, you can find some fun and entertaining options for your toddlers and younger-grade kids. The Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center is the perfect option for splashing, sliding, and playing games. For $50, this blow-up pool has a water slide, an inflatable arch, and a ring-toss game with five balls. There is also a blow-up monkey and flamingo to join your kids in their playtime.

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Shaded Inflatable Pool

Sometimes, kids and parents can play for hours without realizing the dangers that the sun’s rays pose. Always put sunscreen on your children when they play in their pool. However, with the right blow-up tool, there will be additional protection. The Inflatable Swimming Pool With Canopy gives loungers some much-needed shade. This canopy is rated UPF50. The pool itself is 95 inches by 56 inches by 22 inches.

These four options are just a few of the safe, fun choices you have this summer. Buy the one that best suits your family’s needs and enjoy it!

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