Experience Elevated Dining At Altius

Avocado wrapped Ceviche topped with parsley. Seasoned with lime juice & spices to taste.

There are many important occasions in life. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or engagement. At a certain level, these events ought to be celebrated, and what is a better way than to celebrate at an elevated level at Altius restaurant in Pittsburgh. When you dine at Altius, you are not just enjoying a meal. You are enjoying an experience.

Tempting Appetizers

You can gauge how things will fair by the first act, and in a dining experience, the first act is the appetizers. The appetizers at Altius do not tease so much as tempt you to return again and again to this fine restaurant. Appetizers you can expect to find are an artisanal charcuterie board and chilled oysters. Other delicacies include the Short Rib Toast that is succulent short rib married with huckleberry jam and bone marrow mascarpone cheese and paired with a truffled mushroom confit, pecorino and a rustic baguette. You can also not go wrong when you select the Ōra King Salmon Ceviche that offers bursting flavors of coconut, chile, coriander, lime, yuzu, and toasted hazelnut.

The Main Focus

It may be hard to know what you should keep your eye on when you dine at Altius. Should you admire the metropolis of Pittsburgh or admire the beautiful entrées set before you? You truly cannot go wrong with any of the selections offered as a main entrée at Altius. Craving seafood? Altius provides dishes like the Ōra King Salmon or Chilean Seabass. The Chilean Seabass is served in a creamy lobster broth and vol-au-vent that is paired with a roasted garlic potato puree, winter vegetable and butter sauces, and matchstick potatoes. If you favor poultry dishes, then entrées such as Footprints Farm Magret of Duck and Footprints Farm Supreme of Chicken are sure to satisfy. Prefer red meat? The chef at Altius offers excellent cuts of Filet Mignon, New York strips, and Prime Beef.

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Dine at Altius

When you are celebrating a momentous occasion in your life, come to Altius. Here you can enjoy unobstructed views of the city below as well as an evening of fine dining that you will not soon forget. Make reservations for a table at Altius today.

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