10 Ideas For A Fun Family Night

A young family blowing bubbles in the back yard.

Looking for some fun, new ways to spend quality time together as a family? Try out one of these Family Fun Nights! From American Idol night to Costume Night, there’s lots of fun to be had!

1. American Idol Night

Take turns having two family members be the judges and the rest can be contestants. If you have a karaoke machine, this is the perfect time to bust it out. If not, YouTube has thousands of karaoke songs to choose from.

2. Home Video Night

Kids love seeing pictures and videos of themselves from when they were younger, and it’s easier than ever to show them these things now that most pictures and videos are captured on smartphones. Project your smartphone onto your TV screen and take a trip down memory lane.

3. Backyard Camping Night

Camping doesn’t have to take place far away, it can be just as fun in your own back yard. Pop up a tent and get ready for a night of s’mores, flashlight puppets, and sleeping under the stars.

4. Costume Night

Have the kids put on their favorite dress-ups/costumes for dinner. They can talk like the character they’ve dressed up as and act as their character, too.

5. Photoshoot Night

It’s time to pretend that your hallway is a runway! Dress up in silly or fancy (or both) clothes and have a photoshoot with the kids like they’re models strutting the runway.

7. Fancy Night

Let everyone dress up in their nicest clothes and get out the china! You can make something more elaborate for dinner just plate your usual meals like a restaurant would.

8. How-To Day/Night

This might be best suited for the daytime when there’s plenty of light and energy to go around. Teach your kids how to do something like cooking their favorite meal, planting seeds, or starting a campfire if your kids are older.

9. DIY Day

Have a DIY Day where you make decorations for the family room or the kids’ rooms. Everyone gets to be creative and have fun, and you get brand-new decorations out of it!

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10. Game Night

Whether you play board games or order a bowling set online, a game night gets everyone engaged in a little friendly competition.

Which of these Family Fun nights will your family do first?

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