Improve Your Golf Game In 2022 With These Tips

Senior man playing golf with his friends.

Are you looking forward to hitting the golf course this spring? You can’t wait to break out the clubs and hope to start the season strong. That’ll be easy to do when you incorporate these golf tips into your game. Then you’ll be ready to go after your record on the course.

Work on Your Posture

The right posture can help you drive the ball down the fairway all the way to the green. Don’t worry if you aren’t using the right posture right now. This is easy to fix.

First, stand up, grip both ends of your club, and hold it in front of you. Then pull it toward you, so it’s pressing into both thighs. Next, flex your knees just a bit while bending forward. Use your hips instead of your back to bend forward, allowing your arms to hang straight at your sides.

Then use your gloved hand to grab the handle of the club. Position your hand, so it’s at a 45-degree angle from your forearm. Then grip it with your other hand and hit the ball. You’ll notice that you feel a lot more comfortable with the right posture, and you should get the accuracy and distance you crave from your long game.

Create Maximum Width With Your Swing

You want to drive the ball with authority, which you can accomplish by creating maximum width with your swing. This will allow you to get more power, so your ball will fly off the tee.

Creating more width doesn’t mean you should spread your legs further apart. Instead, you’ll increase the width by bringing your driver back as far as you can without breaking out of your stance. Then your body will turn toward the club and rotate during your swing, increasing the power. You’re likely leading with your shoulders now so that this simple tip can transform your swing.

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Extend Your Arms

You can improve your distance and accuracy by extending your arms during your swing. You’ll need to set up two tees to work on this. Put a ball on top of the first tee and place the second tee six inches away. It should be at a 45-degree angle from the first tee.

Then swing for the ball on the first tee, focusing on making good contact and following through. After hitting the ball, your clubhead should travel directly over the second tee. If it does, you’ll know you’re extending your arms when golfing. Keep in mind that it’s easy to lose this skill, so keep working on it.

By working on your posture, powering up during drives, and extending your arms, you’ll be in the position to have the best year on the course yet. Then you can start shaving strokes off your score.

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