Visit The Zoo To See The Penguins On Parade

Pittsburgh is home to more penguins than just our NHL team, and the black and white birds at the Pittsburgh Zoo are ready to march around the grounds this month. Bring the whole family to watch the Penguins on Parade at the zoo.

Make Your Plans

The penguins will march through the Pittsburgh Zoo every Saturday and Sunday from now until January 26. Each procession is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m., and they typically last around 15 minutes. There’s no additional charge on top of the regular zoo admission to see the parade. These parades will go on as planned as long as the weather cooperates. Keep in mind that the temperature must be no higher than 45 degrees for the penguins to strut outside their habitat. Space along the route is limited, so you may want to get there early. The zoo is located at 7370 Baker Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206.

Penguins on Parade

While they always appear dressed for a formal occasion, the Pittsburgh Zoo’s penguin colony is ready for a brisk walk around their neighborhood. Pittsburgh locals and visitors alike will gather along the parade route to watch the little birds waddle by with wings flapping. The penguins will make their way squawking and singing, and while it may all sound like noise, they can actually tell each other apart by their distinct vocalizations. This season, the parade will feature the newest member of the penguin family, Iggy the chick.

Birds of a Feather

The group of birds parading through the zoo technically isn’t a flock. The word used to indicate a gathering of penguins depends on the situation. On land, they may be referred to as a rookery, colony, or waddle. If they’re floating on the water, they’re known as a raft. A group of penguin chicks huddled together for warmth is called a crèche.

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