Whip Up These Spring Pasta Salad Recipes

Pasta salad on a plate close-up

Do you start craving pasta salad when the weather warms up? The dish is light and refreshing, making it ideal for the spring season. And as good as it is when you buy it pre-made, it’s even tastier when you make it yourself. With that in mind, check out these spring pasta salad recipes that will please your taste buds.

Tuna Pasta Salad

If you’re torn between tuna salad and pasta salad, you can have them in one mouthwatering dish. This Tuna Pasta Salad recipe is filling enough for lunch but also makes a fantastic side. Either way, it’s the perfect blend of creamy and tangy, and it’ll be done in 25 minutes.

It’s best to eat the Tuna Pasta Salad within a couple of hours of making it, or the pasta will soak up the creamy dressing. If you have to whip it up earlier, consider making the pasta and dressing separately. Then you can combine the two right before serving.

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

You’ll be the hit of the next gathering if you bring this Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad with you. While you can fry the bacon if you wish, that isn’t necessary. It’ll taste just as good without the extra work if you use Hormel Real Bacon Pieces. Then you can fly through the recipe, so it’ll be done in no time.

Balsamic Strawberry Pasta Salad

This Balsamic Strawberry Pasta Salad is wonderfully refreshing, making it a fantastic choice for a hot day. It’s a nice balance of sweet and tart, and you’ll enjoy a multitude of flavors with each bite. You can also upgrade the recipe by adding sunflower seeds. The little extra crunch is so satisfying that you’ll wonder why you haven’t included sunflower seeds in pasta salad before.

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Chicken Fajita Pasta Salad

Are you looking for something a little more filling? This Chicken Fajita Pasta Salad recipe can work as a meal or a side dish. And you don’t even need to make fajitas specifically for this dish. Instead, you can use leftover fajitas when making it, which is a huge timesaver. Leftover fajitas tend to be more flavorful than fresh ones, so the recipe will be even tastier if you go this route. This is a rare opportunity to cut a corner and end up with a better flavor.

These recipes will help you level up your pasta salad game. They’re so delicious that your friends and family will leave you rave reviews and might even ask for your recipes. Thus, keep the info on hand so you can pass it along after everyone finishes their second or third servings.

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