Patriotic Memorial Day Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Child draws the American Flag

Are you looking for some fun activities for your kids to enjoy during Memorial Day weekend? These patriotic crafts are the perfect way to keep the kids busy and entertained. Whether your kids are skilled crafters or you just want something creative to keep them occupied, they’ll love these red, white, and blue projects.

Stars and Stripes Paper Bag Kite

Even your young kids can tackle this simple stars and stripes paper bag kite project. Gather some paper bags, streamers, stickers, yarn, and craft sticks to make the kites. Also, when they’re done, you can hang them outside of your house for some festive décor for the holiday. Keep this project handy because it’s also lots of fun for the Fourth of July. After all, there’s never a bad time to celebrate patriotism.

Egg Carton American Flag

If you have a spare egg carton, consider teaching the kids how to make egg carton American flags. They’ll paint the egg carton and add some paper stars. Also, you can add some ribbons for extra pizzazz if you would like. With the finished product, the kids can proudly display their American flags.

Tissue Flags

You can stick to the flag theme with this American straw flag craft. You only need cardboard, Fourth of July paper straws, glue, and scissors to complete this unique project. After cutting the straws, the kids will glue them to the cardboard. Once dried, they can hang up their American flag. It’s patriotic, exciting, and a fantastic decoration for Memorial Day.

Shaving Cream Fireworks

You probably don’t think of shaving cream as a craft supply. However, you’ll see how versatile it can be when your kids tackle this shaving cream fireworks project. Along with the shaving cream, you’ll need food coloring or paint, toothpicks, paper, cardboard, and a pan with low sides. Although, if you don’t have cardboard on hand, you can use stiff paper, or even your junk mail will work. When finished, let your kids loose to show off their creative sides with this cool craft.

Fireworks Painting

Your kids can also show off their artistic skills by making this fireworks painting. You will need a large piece of paper or canvas, paint, paper plates, toilet paper or paper towel tubes, and scissors for the project. It’s so simple that kids of all ages can make it!

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Patriotic Jar Candle

Jar candles are all the rage on Pinterest right now. You can get in on the fun with this patriotic jar candle craft. You just need a glass jar, white glue, paintbrush, and sequins for this project. You also have the option of adding some additional patriotic embellishments if you want to dress it up even more. After, throw in a battery-operated tea light and let your patriotism shine.

These Memorial Day crafts will help you keep your little ones busy over the long weekend. Plus, you will end up with lots of patriotic decorations to display in your home. That will undoubtedly add to the celebratory spirit!

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