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Make The Best Of Pumpkin Carving This Season

Preparing Pumpkins For Halloween
When you think of Halloween, some of the top things that come to your mind are probably costumes and candy. Don’t forget about pumpkins, though. You may use them for baking delicious pies or other treats, but carving jack-o’-lanterns is a familiar and popular activity. Pumpkin carving comes in all... [read more]

See The Colors Of Autumn At These Pittsburgh Hiking Trails

Female hiker surrounded by beautiful fall colors
The northeastern portion of the United States is known for its stunning fall colors. People flock from all over to get a glimpse of the changing leaves and other vibrant sights. Pittsburgh, PA, is no exception. If you’re a local resident or visiting from elsewhere, mark autumn time on your... [read more]

How To Live Up Fall In Pittsburgh, PA

mother and her little daughter enjoying a walk outdoors
Most people agree that fall is beautiful. The leaves turn color, and the climate becomes milder. In Pittsburgh, autumn invites you to explore the city and surrounding region. There are many things to do this fall in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Enjoy the Outdoors If fall is nothing else, it is a... [read more]

Top Tips For The New Little League Coach

Father and son preparing for a game of softball
Coaching a little league team is not as easy as looking after a bunch of kids. The team is there to learn about the wonderful sport of baseball. Every kid should have the opportunity to better themselves through the game. As the coach, your role is to guide these children... [read more]

Make Plans To Attend These Pittsburgh Pumpkin Patches

Photo of cute little boys putting pumpkins into a car trunk
One of the best parts of fall is that it’s pumpkin time. Farmers’ pumpkins ripen, and many of them also open up their fields for pumpkin picking. Whether you like eating them, carving them, taking pictures with them, or doing all of the above, there are many patches to get... [read more]

Own This Season’s Tailgate With These Recipes

fried tailgate foods
From the Panthers to the Steelers, football is a big deal in Pennsylvania. When it’s time for gameday, go beyond putting on your favorite jersey and cheering on your team. You’ll also want to add some delicious food into the mix to enhance your tailgating experience. When it comes to... [read more]

Hike On Over To Point State Park

Active senior couple on a hike outdoors
Have you ever made it to the end of the day, only to realize that you spent every hour inside? While staying indoors here and there is OK, you can get a little stir crazy if it happens too often. When you start feeling like you need to get out... [read more]

Grab A Cup Of Joe From The Top Pittsburgh Roasters

Closeup shot of a coffee machine in a cafe
When you think about the best cities for coffee, Seattle likely comes to mind. However, many agree that Seattle pales in comparison to Pittsburgh. The city is quickly building a reputation for having the best coffee roasters in the country. The next time you’re in Pittsburgh, check out these local... [read more]

Prepare For The School Year With These Tips

A group of small school kids with teacher in class writing.
Summer break might look long on paper, but the weeks fly by. Before you know it, it’ll be time to send your little ones back to school. You can make the transition from summer break to school more manageable by following these tips. Start a Regular Bedtime Routine Do your kids like... [read more]

Enjoy A Fine Dining Experience At Fig And Ash

Group of people sharing food at restaurant
With a cozy, rustic style and scrumptious food, Fig & Ash has become the go-to restaurant for those looking for an epic dining experience. The farm-to-flame eatery broke ground in 2017 and opened for business in 2020. It might be relatively new to Pittsburgh’s dining season, but people are already... [read more]