10 Ideas For A Fun Family Night

A young family blowing bubbles in the back yard.
Looking for some fun, new ways to spend quality time together as a family? Try out one of these Family Fun Nights! From American Idol night to Costume Night, there's lots of fun to be had! 1. American Idol Night Take turns having two family members be the judges and the rest... [read more]

The Best Grilling Gadgets To Try This Summer

Grilling burgers on a charcoal grill
Hot days and balmy evenings mean just one thing to those of us with a taste for summer's finest foods: It's grilling season! And if you're looking for ways to step up your grilling game, then you'll love the list that follows. These innovative gadgets are just what you need... [read more]

Get Some Insight Into This Vehicle’s Tech

Honda Insight Technology
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Honda’s Insight model goes heavy when it comes to technology features. After all, at the heart of the Insight is a highly-technological hybrid powertrain system. It only makes sense then that Honda would choose to complement this intelligent powerplant with a load of... [read more]

What You Need To Know About Oil Changes

Mechanic performing oil change.
It may be one of the simplest things you can do for your car, but it’s also the most important. We’re talking about oil changes and it’s vital to know a few facts about this maintenance item. Sure, most new vehicles rolling off the assembly line these days will notify... [read more]

2018 Honda Pilot Vs. 2018 Honda CR-V

2018 Honda Pilot
So you’re looking at a crossover. Welcome to the club. The crossover is currently the most sought-after vehicle type in the automotive marketplace and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Consumers love the high riding, cargo-friendly vehicles. Honda offers two of the best in the form of the... [read more]

Take A Peek Into The 2020 Honda Ridgeline

2020 Honda Ridgeline
The 2020 Honda Ridgeline puts day-to-day practicality ahead of towing power and off-road capability, making a name for itself as a fan favorite! While the Ridgeline may not have the frame design necessary for heavy-duty towing, it still has many of the things pickup truck owners are looking for. Let's... [read more]

Stop The Distractions With These 7 Magnetic Phone Mounts!

Phone mounted in a car, displaying a navigation map.
Most people today cannot leave home without their smartphones. These devices are used for everything: for banking, shopping, navigation, and more. Because these things can become potential distractions, having a reliable phone mount that allows a driver to focus on the road ahead is crucial. Let's take a look at... [read more]

See What’s Inside The Honda Odyssey LX!

2020 Honda Odyssey LX
Honda makes room for the entire family in the 2020 Honda Odyssey LX! The interior of the Odyssey has everything you and your family could want with exclusive features that gives everyone more comfort, more connectivity, and more fun! Let's learn about all the features that make the Odyssey the... [read more]

See How This Honda Will Be A Good Fit For You!

2020 Honda Fit
When most people think of Honda a few names probably come to the forefront of the mind like Accord, Civic, and CR-V. While those vehicles are well deserving of that top of mind awareness there are a few other models in Honda’s arsenal that deserve a spot on that list.... [read more]

3 Weather Mats That Will Last

Car Floor Mats Selection on the Store Rack.
Keeping your car clean is difficult. Every season offers a new challenge. Whether you’re battling snow, mud, dirt, or spills, something is always looking to wreak havoc on the floor of your vehicle. Over time your floor mats start to wear, and the accrued damage can even depreciate your car’s... [read more]