Stay Safe On the Roads This Winter With Proper Tire Prep

One man, a handsome young man traveling through a snow-covered forest, sits behind the wheel and enjoys a winter ride.
Before the roads become slick with ice and snow, you need to have your car checked by a professional technician. As part of that, they’ll look at the tires. After all, the tires play a critical role in keeping you and your passengers safe while on the road. For this,... [read more]

Shining Like A Beacon In Butler

people surrounding framed Time Magazine cover
Here at Honda North, Joe Palmiero was our founder and mentor. He was with us until December, 2021, and he remains an inspiration to our entire team and family. We want his legacy to continue to touch lives around Butler, and we’re proud to share the Joe Palmiero Founders Grant... [read more]

Enjoy A Cozy Night At Home On A Cold Winter Evening

Young woman with a mask and rolls of cucumber on her face is enjoying a morning weekend.
Like most people, you probably dread the cold temperatures of winter. While you should still get out on occasion, there’s nothing wrong with staying warm inside your house. However, that doesn’t mean you need to feel bored. Instead, here are some things you might enjoy. Television Show or Movie Marathon The great... [read more]

Christmas Clean-Up Can Be Fun This Year

Young man tidying up living room after party
There’s a good chance that the thought of cleaning up after the Christmas holiday makes you cringe. Especially if you had a lot of guests in the house, this isn’t something you look forward to. Even so, clean-up doesn’t need to feel like a chore. Instead, you can make it... [read more]

Not Sure What Oil Additives Are? Let Us Help

Without motor oil, a car couldn’t operate, or at least it wouldn’t operate for very long. After all, oil lubricates the engine’s parts and components. However, for this product to do its job, manufacturers put additives in motor oil. If you’re not sure what additives are, this information will help.... [read more]

This Dessert Is Sure To Impress At Christmas Dinner

Christmas Yule Log, Buche de Noel, chocolate cake with branch, fresh cherries and festive berry decorations on a white serving platter, overhead.
As someone who loves to bake and get creative in the kitchen, you now have the chance to show off your amazing skills. This year, make a lasting impression by using one of these incredible dessert ideas. Sure, they’re fancier than most, but they’re worth the time and effort. Incredible Christmas... [read more]

Treat Yourself To A Night At Eleven

Mussels in a Butter and White Wine Sauce with Garlic, Pepper and Fresh Parsley
Whether you spend most of your time working or caring for a family, you need to take an occasional break. If you live in or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Eleven Contemporary Kitchen is an amazing place where you’ll feel like a valued customer. Along with a comfortable atmosphere, it offers a... [read more]

We Made Christmas Shopping Easy This Year

Unrecognizable senior woman with paper bags doing Christmas shopping. Shopping center at Christmas time.
There’s something magical about visiting a local mall to shop for presents. After all, you’ll see beautiful lights and decorations. Also, you’ll hear Christmas carols piped throughout the mall. Even so, it’s stressful when trying to find the right gift for your children. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, consider these ideas... [read more]

Every Car Owner Needs These Things

Checking the tire pressure
Whether buying your first car or vehicle number 10, always work with a trusted dealership. That’s where Honda North in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can help. However, it’s just as important to properly maintain your ride. This is especially true as the fall and winter seasons approach. For optimal safety and reliability,... [read more]

Impress Your Guests With These Five Turkey Day Desserts

Thanksgiving pumpkin and apple various pies, top view, copy space. Fall traditional homemade apple and pumpkin pie for autumn holiday.
Every year, millions of people look forward to Thanksgiving. This is when family and friends gather to give thanks. It’s also a time when people enjoy incredible food. If you plan to host turkey day, why not make an impression? Consider serving any one of these delicious desserts to your... [read more]